posted Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 7:07 PM EDT


I've just uploaded the first installment of my Shooter's Report for the Panasonic GM1, definitely one of the most interesting cameras we've seen in 2013. It's mighty impressive, check out what what I've just posted.

We're changing things up a bit with our review process for this camera, so let us know what you think of it! (Use the discussion box at the bottom of this page for comments about this new style.) Rather than posting a full review in one huge chunk at the end of our review process, we're going to get the conversation started a lot earlier, with shorter installments of our Shooter's Report. This will let our readers get an initial impression of how the camera performs and what it's like to use, as well as any standout feature or issue the reviewer might encounter, right up front. Plus, it will also give people opportunity to have a dialog with the reviewer while he/she is actually working with the camera. Have any questions about the camera or things you would like to see covered in the review? Let us know in the discussion box at the bottom of the review page!

In this first Shooter's Report post, I talk about my initial impressions of the GM1 after taking it out for a spin last week. I really enjoyed some of the big features of the camera, but of course encountered a few of the inevitable frustrations and annoyances as well.

So far, this is one heck of a camera, and that's coming from a pretty loyal DSLR fan! It's amazing what Panasonic has managed to pack into such an astonishingly (shockingly?) small body.

Given that the GM1 has the same sensor and processor as the Panasonic GX7, it's no surprise that the Panasonic GM1's image quality looks outstanding, but it's incredible to see that quality coming from such a tiny camera. I've also put up a first round of sample gallery photos for the GM1 along with this first portion of my review, so you can see how it performs with everyday subjects vs our lab shots.

Check out what I've found so far with the Panasonic GM1, ask any questions about it I might be able to answer by virtue of having hands-on with the camera, and let us know what you think of this new approach to posting review content.

(Use the discussion box below to comment on the review process; ask questions and talk about the camera via the discussion box at the bottom of the review page itself.)

12mm, f/5, 1/1000s, ISO 200