Ilford announces new fiber base papers


posted Monday, December 9, 2013 at 2:09 PM EST


Ilford Photo (not to be confused with the financially troubled Ilford Imaging) has announced new fiber based photographic papers, replacing one of its existing products, and adding a new one for those who still print photos in the traditional manner.

Ilford has long offered fiber base (FB) papers, and this announcement sees the Ilford Multigrade IV FB paper replaced with the newer Ilford Multigrade FB Classic. The new paper is available in glossy or matte, and according to Ilford, the new version offers "sharper images, improved maximum density and shorter exposure times" and is also better responds to traditional toning techniques.

The other new product is the Ilford Multigrade FB Cooltone, which gives "a cool image colour with crisp whites and well separated mid tones." This joins the existing Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone, which Ilford assures isn't going anywhere, saying "there are no plans now or in the future to change the Multigrade FB Warmtone formulation."

Photographer Alan Ross got to trial the new paper, and is quoted as saying:

“Both papers have a similar contrast range to the MGIV FB and exhibit a greater clarity or crispness of image.
Both papers will take a richer tone in selenium than MGIV FB - a real boon.
The toning test was impressive - at 1:23 even a print immersed for 1 minute showed a noticeable change in image color, but my favorite is in the 4' range. A color I could never get with MGIV FB.
I think I am going to like the CLASSIC a LOT!
Thanks for letting me try it!"

The new papers will be available in the USA, UK, and Canada in mid-December, and will be released worldwide by the end of March.

(via PhotographyBlog)