Google Open Gallery will let artists make their own digital museums


posted Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 3:21 PM EDT


Google has been working for some time to take big galleries and museums online with the Google Cultural Institute, as a way of bringing museums to the people. Now, Google has opened its doors on this project with Google Open Gallery, allowing artists, gallery owners, and "anyone with cultural content" to create a digital museum, showing off their work and its context.

You still need to request an invite to get into the program, but it should allow for a great number of smaller galleries and artists a way to bring their art to the eyes of those who might not otherwise ever see it. As explained in a blogpost from Google Europe:

Google Open Gallery helps you to create a beautiful experience for people to view your collection, at the click of a button. We’ll host your content and give you access to our technology at no cost to you or your organisation. It’s pretty simple—just upload images, add video, Street View imagery and text, interweaving your story among the images to create an exhibition that will truly engage your visitors.

Meanwhile the Google Cultural Institute has also opened a lab, with the aim of helping develop better digitization technology, so when museums and galleries want to share their collections online, they can do it as well as possible.

(via 1001NoisyCameras)