MegaLapse hack pushes GoPro timelapses even further


posted Monday, December 16, 2013 at 1:38 PM EDT


Usually, if you want to shoot timelapses with a GoPro, you're limited to a maximum of 60 seconds between each shot — which is fine for some things, but not exactly long enough for multi-day shots. But a new hack called MegaLapse has just been released into the wild, and it can push the GoPro Hero3 Black and Hero3+ Black all the way to a 45 minute delay between recording each frame.

The tool works because it's an autoexec.ash file, which the GoPro reads as an executable file. It simply says:

sleep 1
t app appmode photo
sleep X
t app button shutter PR

Where X is the number of seconds in the interval, up to 45 minutes. The GoPro then runs that simple script on a loop, allowing you to dramatically extend the breaks between each shot.

As usual, any sort of modification like this is done at your own risk — but for people who want to push their GoPro into greater and greater feats, this could be a fantastic way to use it for multi-day timelapses. And, since the GoPro is a pretty tough camera, you don't have to worry about it being destroyed by less than ideal weather.

(via DIYPhotography, ISO1200)