Fujifilm not coming up with full frame X-mount camera, according to manager

by Felix Esser

posted Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 3:52 PM EST


The Thai website 2how.com recently conducted an interview with one of Fujifilm's managers, Hiroshi Kawahara. During the interview, one of the questions that came up was whether or not the company was going to introduce a full frame X-mount camera at some point. The answer was, quite clearly, a no. As a reason, Kawahara mentioned that for one, current X-mount lenses wouldn't be compatible with a full frame body as they're made for cameras with APS-C sensors. Secondly, the X-system is all about great image quality in a compact package, and size would definitely be an issue when creating a full frame body and the lenses to go with it.

On the upside, Kawahara reassured that the company was listening to the feedback of their customers, and will continue to actively improve their products by providing firmware upgrades in the future. This is also the reason why Fujifilm won't introduce an X-Pro 2 any time soon. Rather, they want their customers to use their cameras longer, instead of replacing them with new models every year or every other year. That's something we haven't heard from any other company, and is a sign that Fujifilm won't partake in the model upgrading race that others seem so keen on winning.

The full interview runs for roughly ten minutes, and those are well spent for anyone into Fujifilm's X-system, as they provide some further insight into the company's product philosophy.

(via Fuji Rumors)