Google Glass gets wink activated camera, iOS app in the works


posted Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 1:21 PM EDT


For that scant handful of users that have a Google Glass to play with, Google has just released a significant update in the form of software version XE12. This update brings a number of new features, including the ability to join a Google Hangout from your Glass, but the most interesting — and controversial — feature is the ability to take a photo with a wink.

The new version of the software comes with the ability to add a lockscreen, Google Hangouts, and better music introduction. But what's raising a lot of eyebrows is the addition of the "wink" feature. Rather than requiring you to give a vocal or touch command to take a photo, this new feature lets you snap a photo simply by winking. It's a feature we saw another developer create earlier in the year, and it does immediately raise some privacy concerns. By requiring an obvious voice or hand motion before, Google Glass made sure you always knew when someone was taking your camera. By using blink control, it becomes far more easy to surreptitiously snap someone.

The other good piece of news for Google Glass users is that there's an iOS app in the works. A version popped up online briefly, and was quickly pulled, but Google is now saying the final version is due out later this week.

(via the Verge)