New Vision Research Phantom v2010 will go from 22,000 to 1,000,000fps


posted Friday, December 20, 2013 at 2:06 PM EST


In 2011, Vision Research unveiled the Phantom v1610, a camera that wowed the world by hitting 1,000,000fps. Now the same company has improved even further, with the new Phantom v2010. While still maxing out at one million fps, the v2010 improves on its predecessor by shooting faster at its maximum 1280x800 resolution — where it's now hit 22,000fps.

The Phantom v2010 is capable of that amazing 22,000fps at 1280x800, with ever increasing speed as the resolution decreases. 640x480 will get you 62,600fps; 384x256 hits 155,500fps; and that magic 1,000,000fps clocks in when you cut it down to a sliver, just 128x32. If you don't want things to go so slow? The v2010 has a minimum framerate of 100fps.

The v2010 is available in both color and monochrome versions. The color version has a maximum ISO of 6,400, where the monochrome version peaks at 64,000, making up for the tradeoff of losing color.

With footage that high speed, file size becomes a significant limiting factor. The v2010 comes with 24GB, 48GB, or 96GB of memory, which can be divided into up to 63 partitions for back to back shots without slowing down to download. Users are even able to transfer data off at a whopping 1GB/s by using a proprietary CinemaMag interface. The v2010 comes with a Nikon F-mount, but can also be customized to take Canon EOS, PL, and C mount lenses.

Vision Research hasn't announced the price of the v2010, but given that the v1610 went for around $100,000, we know it won't be cheap.