Clever video series asks “What’s the last photo on your phone?”


posted Monday, December 30, 2013 at 4:07 PM EST


Here's a quick experiment to liven up your afternoon: Grab your phone, pull up the camera roll or gallery, look at the last picture you snapped, and take a moment to think about why you wanted to take that photo. Then watch this interesting video series in which random people do the same thing you did -- and share their photos and stories on camera.

Whatever your photo was and whenever you shot it -- perhaps recently, maybe weeks or months ago -- there was undoubtedly some story behind the image, and your decision to shoot it. The videos, filmed by San Francisco-based interactive artist Ivan Cash, give a little insight into the diverse ways people use their camera phones.

From the mundane to the artistic to the controversial, each shot has some meaning to its creator. It might be as simple as a shared moment with friends, or it might mean a whole lot more, but either way it's cool to see the reactions of each individual as they revisit that moment -- one they may perhaps have completely forgotten about.

In "Last Photo - New York", people on the street are asked to share the most recent photo on their phone, and the story behind it.
Note: This video contains occasional adult language and imagery.

We should note that all three of the videos contain occasional elements that might not be considered safe for work, with some adult language and imagery. This is real life, after all. But we think they're worth watching regardless, so if you're at work now, perhaps bookmark it to come back to later. You can see the most recent clip -- "Last Photo - New York" -- embedded above. Hit the links to see the earlier videos, "Last Photo - San Francisco" and "Last Photo - Los Angeles".

(via John Nack on Adobe)