posted Monday, December 30, 2013 at 7:46 PM EST


It's a sad fact of life that in these days of heightened security and surcharges for every option imaginable, modern air travel has lost almost all of its romance for the flying public. For those who choose the career of aviator, though, the cockpit of a jet aircraft is still an amazing place to be. A new video celebrating the 15th anniversary of the French Polynesian flag carrier Air Tahiti Nui gives a glimpse into the flightdeck -- as well as at some of the other work that goes into making your long-distance travel possible.

The five minute clip was filmed by captain Ludovic Allain, an A340 pilot with the airline, along with several others, using the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, Panasonic LX7, and Panasonic LX3 digital cameras. Aircraft engineer Matthieu Courtois lent a hand with the editing in Final Cut Pro X. The result -- packed with stunning scenery and cloudscapes, and rich with interesting camera angles -- is bewitching even if you're not a plane geek, and double so if you are.

Captain Allain and friends at Air Tahiti Nui put together this awesome video to celebrate their airline's 15th anniversary.

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(via SLR Lounge)