Fuji makes the X100S rangefinder even stealthier


posted Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 12:44 PM EST


Fujifilm's compact, rangefinder-style X100S digital camera has proven to be pretty popular with street shooters. That's thanks in part to its solid build, an APS-C sized X-Trans image sensor that yields great image quality, a bright, sharp 35mm f/2-equivalent prime lens, and good performance -- so long as there's enough light, anyway.

But perhaps the most important feature for street shooters is just how unobtrusive the Fuji X100S can be: You can zip in and grab a few unobtrusive shots before your subject even notices, thanks to an extremely quiet shutter. (In fact, it's a quiet camera overall.) That means your subjects act naturally, free of the deer-in-the-headlights reaction you'd get with a noisy SLR.

The Fuji X100S street shooter is now available in stealthy black.

Now, the X100S can be even more unobtrusive, though. Alongside its various new camera announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show, Fuji has announced a stealthy, all-black version of the X100S that will ship alongside the existing, retro-styled two-tone black and silver body. That should make it even easier to get the shot without being noticed first -- and that's great news in our book. (And it doesn't hurt that the X100S Black looks sexier than ever, at least to our eyes, either!)

No price or availability were stated for the Fuji X100S Black, but it's available for preorder from IR affiliate B&H Photo Video with the same US$1,299 pricetag as the standard version, so if you want the new version, get in queue now! (And if you're not sure, read our Fuji X100S review to see if it's the camera for you.)