Fuji X-mount roadmap promises five new zooms, one prime


posted Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 10:23 PM EDT


Great news, Fuji X-mount shooters, and especially fans of bright zoom lenses! Big things are in the future for you, according to a newly-issued lens roadmap from Fujifilm at the Consumer Electronics Show.

In all, there are six new optics forecast, of which five are zoom lenses, and one a prime. Four optics are given detailed names, while specifics of the remainder haven't yet been disclosed just yet.

First to arrive in the first half of 2014 will be the Fuji XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS, a stabilized, constant-aperture zoom with a 35mm-equivalent focal range of 15-36mm on a crop-sensor body. This will be followed later in 1H 2014 by the Fuji XF 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R OIS, another stabilized optic, but this time with a variable aperture and 27-203mm equivalent focal lengths.

The updated Fujifilm X-mount prime lens roadmap.

In the second half of 2014 you can look forward to the remaining two stabilized, constant-aperture zooms -- first the XF 16-55mm F2.8 R OIS sporting 24-83mm equivalent focal lengths, and then the XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R OIS with 75-210mm equivalent focal lengths.

Also shipping in the second half of the year will be a new high-speed, wide-angle prime lens. This will be followed in 2015 by a super telephoto zoom. No details on focal lengths, apertures, or other features have been disclosed for these products.

The newly-expanded Fuji X-mount zoom lens roadmap.