The Camera Bag: Japanese company gives your mouse its own camera


posted Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 1:30 PM EST


Getting a quick and dirty photo of something onto your computer is still a couple of steps slower and longer than we'd like it to be. You can snap a photo with your camera, and then either plug it directly into your computer, or transfer it via memory card (or over Wi-Fi if it can do that); you can use a smartphone and message or email it to yourself; or you could hold awkwardly up to the webcam. But a Japanese company has taken something that's already attached to your computer: your mouse, and added a camera, so you can just take a snap, and have it transfer over super easily.

While the concept is pretty darned goofy, the way it's designed is actually kind of smart. There's a sliding cover on the bottom of the mouse, which keeps the lens covered most of the time. Uncover the lens, and it blocks the mouse's laser, stopping you from scrolling while taking the photo. And from there, the image just zips down the USB cable and onto your computer!

As you'd no doubt guess, image quality on this thing doesn't look superb. It's a 2MP fixed focus lens. But you know what? For the around $40 it's pegged to go for, I could actually see it being almost useful.

(via the Phoblographer, Akihabara News)