Nikon P7800 First Shots: How does Nikon’s top enthusiast compact stack up against the Canon G16?


posted Friday, January 17, 2014 at 10:43 AM EST


We've just posted First Shots -- a full series of sample lab images* -- taken with the Nikon P7800, Nikon's latest update to their popular, enthusiast-oriented Coolpix P-series compact camera line. The guts of the P7800 are pretty much identical to the previous model, the P7700, with the same 1/1.7-inch type, backside illuminated CMOS image sensor, Expeed C2 imaging processor and 7.1x optical zoom lens with an equivalent focal length range of 28-200mm and variable f/2-f/4 aperture.

The new stuff is mostly external, with the most prominent feature being the re-introduction of a viewfinder, which Nikon removed in the P7700 much to many users' disappointment. This time around, rather than being an optical viewfinder, Nikon has opted for a 921K-dot resolution electronic viewfinder. Other additions include a new 3-inch articulated LCD, which now sports an RGBW design, and the ability to add Wi-Fi connectivity via Nikon's WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter.

The big question here is how does Nikon's top enthusiast compact zoom camera** compare to Canon's latest ever-popular PowerShot G-series camera, the G16. Our full Canon G16 review was just recently posted, so be sure to check out sample photos from the G16 as well as get the lowdown on features and specs for a comparison.

See First Shots taken with the Nikon P7800 here. And be sure to pit these test images side-by-side with those from the Canon G16 as well as the Nikon P7700 -- or any other camera we've ever tested -- via our Comparometer™ image quality comparison tool. Also check out our Nikon P7800 first impressions for a closer look at the camera's features. After viewing first shots and side-by-side comparisons with the G16, feel free to come back to this page and comment on your take on them.

And stay tuned in the coming weeks for our complete Nikon P7800 review!

* Use our Still Life target images to look for detail (tone-on-tone, fine, highlights, shadows), as well as noise suppression, white balance, color accuracy and color shape retention. They're at the full range of ISOs to show how many of these factors change as ISO rises.

** The Nikon Coolpix A now takes the title of "flagship" for Nikon's compact cameras.