posted Friday, January 17, 2014 at 6:29 PM EDT


In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Adobe announced the debut of an updated version of its flagship photography-and-more app, Adobe Photoshop. The new release, available only to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, focuses mainly on 3D printing, text, color sampler, and layers capabilities, but there are some tweaks of interest to photographers as well. Key among these is the clever new Perspective Warp tool which -- while not quite an attention-grabber on the same level as the much-loved Content-Aware Fill -- is certainly still one of those features that makes you go "Oooh!"

When the Photoshop CC update launched, we showed you a brief video demonstrating Perspective Warp. Now, another demo video has come to light which we think shows off the feature and its potential even better. And for bonus points, it includes everybody's favorite Transformer, Optimus Prime, for a dose of robotic cool.

Watch the video, created by Adobe technical Creative Cloud evangelist Andrew Trice below, and get a feel for what Perspective Warp can do for your photography. You'll also find much more info in Andrew's blog. And remember -- if you decide it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade to Creative Cloud, you can get a pretty solid discount on a bundle with Photoshop Lightroom through at least the end of February 2014, courtesy of the Photoshop Photography Program.

Adobe evangelist Andrew Trice put together this cool demo of Photoshop CC's Perspective Warp tool.

(via John Nack on Adobe)