Fujifilm teases new X-series camera: there will be dials (under dials?)


posted Monday, January 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM EDT


Fujifilm has put up a teaser site for a new X-series camera, which will be unveiled in full on January 28, just more than a week away. While not showing off the new model in all its glory, it certainly has enough to whet our appetites, and revealed a handful of features about the camera.

The obvious changes worth pointing out here is the inclusion of shutter speed and ISO dials, which gained Nikon much acclaim when similar features were unveiled with the Nikon Df. The rest of Fujifilm's X-series ILCs have either a mode dial or the shutter speed dial, but none the ISO version, and none have three dials on the camera's top. Also new is the viewfinder hump — again something not found on the other X-series cameras (barring the very different X-S1). We can also make out a front control dial in front of the shutter. All told, it looks a lot more SLR-like than Fujifilm's other offerings.

The most interesting detail though? There's a ring around the shutter button with a characteristic ribbing that matches the on/off switch of the X100S and other recent Fujifilm models. No big deal. But check out the details under the shutter speed and ISO dials. These have the exact same ribbing as surrounds the shutter release and differ in appearance from any previous top-deck dials from Fujifilm. Might the new model give us some sort of switches or dials underneath the shutter speed and ISO dials?

Obviously, there's still a lot that we can't make out in the dim photo — so we'll hand the floor over to our commentors. What do you think this new camera will have? And what do you wish it would?