Lightroom for iPad briefly appears, will cost $99/year


posted Monday, January 20, 2014 at 11:59 AM EDT


Adobe's website recently briefly held mention of a mobile version of Lightroom, and while what little information that was has now been scrubbed, we do know that the company is planning on charging $99/year for the subscription service to go alongside the app.

9to5Mac spotted the information on Adobe's site, however when they enquired to Adobe about it, the offending products were quickly pulled. While there were no screenshots to go alongside what was available, 9to5Mac did spot that the tagline “take Lightroom anywhere” will be used, and that there will be a $99 subscription option associated with the app — assumedly for integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.

We've known for some time that Adobe's been working on an iPad version of the popular image editing app, which was first teased back in May of 2013. That early revision used DNG Smart Previews rather than full Raw files in order to keep filesizes more manageable, however an Adobe representative told 9to5Mac that "the mobile version would largely lineup with the desktop version in terms of features."

File size issues are obviously going to be a major concern with this app, considering the limited storage space available on iPads and other mobile devices. But we'll see if that's enough of a draw to convince people to pay $99/year to use cloud storage instead. Likewise, we wonder what features will have to be tweaked or cut to take into account the lower processing speed of a tablet over a full computer.

Hopefully this accidental leak of information indicates that Adobe will be unveiling the app proper soon, and answering all of our questions.

via 9to5Mac