Royal Air Force pilot takes us on a trip through beautiful British landscapes

by Felix Esser

posted Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 4:38 PM EDT

Recently, we reported on a video that was taken from the inside of a fighter jet cockpit using multiple GoPro cameras. Since most of us will never be actual fighter pilots, we concluded that this might be our only chance to ever take a ride in an F-18. But it seems more people had the great idea to put cameras in their fighter jet cockpits, as it turns out, and there are quite a number of such videos on the internet.

The latest fighter jet ride comes courtesy of Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris, who was the RAF's 2013 Typhoon Display Pilot. In this video, he takes us for a trip through the beautiful landscapes of the Welsh mountains and the Lake District in his Eurofighter Typhoon, "the RAF's latest front line jet." Norris virtually takes us through a range of altitudes, from as low as 200 feet to as high as 40,000 feet -- high enough to see the earth's curvature -- spiced-up with stomach-turning maneuvers inbetween.

For the duration of the flight, Norris keeps transmitting status updates, none of which will make a lot of sense to most of us uninitiated. But it's quite fascinating nonetheless to hear the pilot comment with the same calm voice all the time, even when announcing that we're currently experiencing 5 g during a maneuver that takes the jet almost upside-down.

The video was apparently created for a flight simulation in the London Science Museum, as Norris points out at the beginning that in case of an emergency, there's a stop button above our heads. (Well not so much above our heads, now, but in the YouTube player below.) So if you get motion sick from watching this, better hit the panic button right away, before you or your computer take any damage...

(via Gizmodo Sploid)