Teen photog recreates himself as presidents on Instagram


posted Friday, January 24, 2014 at 2:05 PM EST


Teenager Chaz Rorick has taken to Instagram for a very different sort of selfie than we usually see. Rather than just take his own picture, he's taken to recreating images of US presidents, down to the pose, expression, and outfit worn. There's an impressive amount of work in recreting Martin Van Buren's legendary mutton chops out of what looks like cotton wool.

According to Mashable, Rorick watched a documentary of President Truman, and after noting that his outfit bore a striking resemblance to the 33rd President, he took a comparison pic. He explained:

"My dad found it funny. The next day I did Roosevelt for fun, but by the third picture I did one a day, regardless of my busyness. My friends enthusiastically encouraged the weirdness."

The likeness vary in how much he looks like the president in question (the Andrew Jackson one is impressively close), but they're all filled with a noble effort to get as close in terms of clothing, hair, and props as someone could do in a few minutes of rifling through a closet.

You can see more of Rorick's president comparisons on his Instagram feed.