The Camera Bag: a “Polaroid” cheese slicer


posted Friday, January 24, 2014 at 2:31 PM EST


GamaGo, makers of twee houseware galore, have outdone themselves with their new Say Cheese Instant Slicer. Currently in pre-production, it is literally a cheese slicer shaped like a Polaroid camera, so that each slice of cheese appears to come out like a picture.

While not yet available for purchase, the slicer will set you back just $10, and will doubtless be a big hit at your next party. We're sure you can slice cheese while sitting on your lens pillow, under the light of your lens lamp, eating it alongside your Instagram marshmallows, and keeping an eye on what you're cooking with your lens timer. You can then pop in your contact lenses from your camera lens case, check yourself out in your camera mirror, and then hit the town.

Funnily enough, it turns out having an instant camera for cheese isn't even a new idea. As a commentor at Gizmodo pointed out, this concept popped up in an episode of Saturday Night Live way back in 1976, with Candice Bergan and John Belushi.

(via Gizmodo, ChipChick)