Apple shot this incredible tribute to the Mac using just the iPhone 5s (VIDEO)


posted Monday, February 3, 2014 at 3:21 PM EDT


Just over a week ago, the Apple Mac turned 30, and its anniversary saw a huge outpouring of support from all directions. Now, Apple has expanded on its own coverage of the event, by releasing a video in its celebration. A video shot entirely on the Mac's birthday, January 24, and shot exclusively using the iPhone 5s.

Apple has laid out much of the behind the scenes information on its site. The video was shot at 15 different locations around the world, tracking 45 stories. 70 hours of footage were gathered from 100 iPhones, shot by 15 cinematographers, and stitched together by 21 editors. With just one director corralling the entire experience, decisions had to be made remotely, with director Jake Scott looking in over Facetime.

The footage was then beamed directly to LA for editing, where it was assembled into the minute and a half scene you see below. That's a fantastic amount of video to be captured over the course of one day, and then edited down to one powerful clip. One that shows some of the huge breadth of work that people do with their Mac—and yes, there's quite a lot of photography involved, as well.