Alone this Valentine’s Day? Japanese blogger shows how to fake a make-out photo


posted Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 1:14 PM EST


All alone this Valentine's Day? Want a picture of you smooching your sweetheart, but don't have a sweetheart to smooch on? Japanese blogger Keisuke Jinushi has perfected the art of the fake couples-kiss photo, making an image that's convincing enough to fool most people—though not your lonely, lonely heart.

A self described "permanent loner", he performs this hilarious piece of trick photography by making up one of his hands to look like a woman's through the use of foundation and painted nails. Then he holds up a wig, pretends to caress his own face with the painted hand, and artfully places himself in front of a camera so that it looks like he's in the throes of making out with a long-haired lady friend.

As hilarious as this is, it turns out it's not Keisuke's first time doing something this goofy. He's done equally bizarre acts of illusion before, faking a woman's hand feeding and pampering him.

So, if you're desperate enough to attempt to fool your friends and family with these fake kiss selfies, then here you go! All you need is a wig and a tripod, we're guessing you could get away without even painting your nails if you really wanted! Unfortunately, if you're looking to kiss a guy, it's a bit harder to fake. Unless you just assume they have Fabio like gorgeous locks, and hold the wig a bit higher.

(via Design Taxi, RocketNews24, Daily Portal)