An interview with famed British photographer David Bailey (VIDEO)


posted Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 1:12 PM EST


David Bailey is one of the most famed living photographers in the UK, whose eye for portraiture and fashion has made him a cultural milestone. Now, with a new retrospective in the National Portrait Gallery in London, film maker Jamie Roberts managed to get a brief, and obscenity laden, interview with the man.

Bailey's retrospective, titled Stardust, is currently being held at the National Portrait Gallery, where Bailey was given free reign to set up his own exhibit. A famed chronicler of popular culture, the exhibit has been met with mostly positive reviews. The video interview reveals a sharp-tongued 75-year old, with a tendency to go on the occasional obscenity filled rant.

It's an interesting interview, and one that delves a bit into Bailey's past, reactions to his works, his regrets, and also his monumental success as an artist. Though be warned, there is both adult language and photographic nudity in video below.