Ricoh Pentax updates K-mount roadmap, teases 70-200mm


posted Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 11:54 AM EST


Ricoh/Pentax has released an updated version of the K-mount roadmap. And while not much has changed from last year's version, it does appear that the company is preparing for a new 70-200mm lens.

The updated version has been put up both on Ricoh's site, and on official Facebook accounts (you can also see a higher quality version of last year's version here). Since the last roadmap, a 20-40mm lens went from being promised to being real, and the Pentax rear converter popped up. As with the 2013 roadmap, DA versions of a wide-zoom (around 10-30mm), standard zoom (15-85mm), and tele-zoom (100-400mm) are all still in the nebulous future. But there's a new addition of a 70-200mm placeholder, which would be the only one on Pentax's current lineup.

Who knows when we'll actually see these lenses appear, it could be years before they finally get announced—they might even never show up. But it does show the direction that Ricoh/Pentax is thinking, and what might end up on the front of your K-series camera in the not too distant future.

(via PhotoRumors)