Renault Kwid concept car comes with its own flying camera drone


posted Monday, February 10, 2014 at 1:03 PM EST


Concept cars are great. They allow designers to play with ideas and forms that would never work in the real world. Take, for instance, the new Renault Kwid, the first Renault concept unveiled outside of Europe. It has a unique design, with the driver in the middle of the front row, internal webbed seats, but most interestingly—a flying drone camera, all of its own.

The Kwid stores a mini drone in its roof, with the idea that it could be used to snap photos, help you park, check for accidents, keep an eye on traffic, and more. The Kwid was debuted at the Delhi Auto Show 2014, and is aimed at developing markets, such as India, and Brazil.

Here's the thing, this car will never be made. Not in its current form. It's designed to look like an off-roader, despite being two-door, and two-wheel drive. The bird's nest interior would be impossible to clean. And a drone that size simply wouldn't be able to keep up with a car zooming down the highway at full speed.

But given the fact that cars can now come with built-in rear cameras to make sure you're not going to back over anyone, and settings to parallel park for you, this is an interesting glimpse at what cars of the future might one day be able to do. Me, I'm still waiting for the BMW GINA.

(via CNET)