500px gets iPhoneography friendly with update iOS app


posted Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 2:33 PM EDT


Up until now, 500px's smartphone apps haven't allowed you to upload images directly to its service. You can browse through 500px to your heart's content, but you have to return to your computer if you want to put your own photos on it. That's now set to change, with version 2.5 of the 500px iOS app, which allows you to upload photos straight from your iPhone or iPad to your 500px account.

Demonstrating the functionality in a blogpost, 500px showed off how the new tool can be used for images taken from your camera. Using an SD adapter for an iPad, it's a simple matter of taking the photos from the memory card, transferring them to your iOS device, and then uploading. And if you already have a workflow that uses an iPad for viewing or editing, this would make shifting them to 500px much easier.

However, what's far more likely to happen is that this will allow a much more direct route for iPhoneography to get onto 500px, where it previously hasn't had much of a foothold. The company has addressed this concern in a blogpost, saying:

We know that for some, there is the concern that the quality of 500px will diminish with the ability to easily share mobile photos on the platform. Let’s remember the way our community lives and thrives together. It’s up to the community to share, but also to help each other improve in our crafts. We see 500px as a home for all creatives, and we will always encourage people to share their best works, whether that’s using a Canon 5D Mark II or an iPhone 4.

It will be interesting to see if this will mean a change to the overall look and feel of 500px, which has something of a reputation for favoring extremely slick and post-processed looks.

No word on when this function will come to Android.