Here are the first official images from the Canon G1 X Mark II


posted Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 2:14 PM EDT


The high-end compact market looks to be one of the big battlegrounds of 2014, especially with Canon's new G1 X Mark II. Now Canon Japan has released a quartet of photos from the camera, giving us our first official glimpse at photos taken with the large sensored compact. You can bet they're some of the best images that Canon could squeeze from the camera, even so, they're still our first chance to pixel peep into how photos from the G1X II will come out.

The images are two portrait shots, and two still life images. All are shot on aperture priority, and at ISO 100—so no nosing around for noise levels, unfortunately. Also, the widest aperture is f/5.6, so there's not a lot of bokeh to judge. Canon also made the curious call to shoot the portraits at 1/20s exposure, which is probably a bit on the long side to capture a really sharp image of a human.

But really, we wish there was a bit more variety in the settings that were used in the photos, so we could get a better grasp of how it performs. Shooting everything at ISO 100 with a middle of the road aperture isn't giving us much to peep at in those pixels!

What do our readers think? Will the larger sensor of the G1 X Mark II be enough to give the RX100 Mark II a run for its money? Or will the smaller Sony still rule the roost?

(via PhotographyBlog)