Canon launches SX700 long-zoom, record-breaking D30 waterproof, and a shelf full of ELPHs


posted Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 9:34 PM EDT


With the CP+ show in Japan now under way, we've just wrapped up the last few previews of cameras launched by imaging giant Canon for its PowerShot series. The Canon SX700 pocket long-zoom and record-breaking Canon D30 waterproof camera debut alongside three affordable ELPH compacts, the Canon 150 IS, Canon 140 IS, and Canon 135.

Its model name might not imply as much, but the coat pocket-sized Canon SX700 HS is, we're told, a logical successor to last year's SX280 HS. Like that camera, the SX700HS is based around a speedy DIGIC 6 image processor, and aims to satisfy the needs of travel shooters for whom size and weight are an overriding concern.

So what's new in the SX700? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Canon has replaced both image sensor and lens, and swapped in a new LCD monitor on the rear. The company has also rethought its connectivity options, and substituted a slightly higher-capacity battery pack. Battery life has also been improved greatly, and the price increased just slightly.

Available from March 2013, the Canon SX700 HS is priced at around US$350. Two color options are available: black or red. Find out more in our Canon SX700 preview!


Following in the footsteps of the highly regarded and versatile PowerShot D20 comes the Canon PowerShot D30, which Canon is touting as the "World's Deepest Waterproof Camera". Rated as submersible to a record-breaking 82 feet below sea level, the D30 does indeed seem an impressive addition to a strong lineage of tough cameras.

The Canon D30 is slated to ship starting in April 2014 for a retail price of about US$330 and will only come in blue. Read our Canon D30 preview for more!


And finally, Canon's ELPH camera line was originally known for a few main things: compact bodies with approachable handling and attractive designs. More than that, though, the Canon ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 140 IS, and ELPH 135 are also extremely affordable. With list prices of just US$120-150, there's very little standing in between you and your purchase of an ELPH camera, despite a generous zoom reach and high resolution in all three models.

The Canon 150 IS is the most sophisticated, with a 20-megapixel CCD sensor and far-reaching 10x optical zoom lens. Priced at US$150, it's covered in our Canon 150 IS preview and ships in February alongside the other two models. The Canon 140 IS swaps in a shorter 8x zoom lens and a lower-res 16-megapixel sensor, and in the process saves another $20 for a final pricetag of $130. Read more in the Canon 140 IS preview. And finally, the Canon ELPH 135 is essentially an ELPH 140 IS with the image stabilization removed. It costs $120, and is covered in our Canon 135 preview.