Olympus unveils plans for a mini E-M1: smallest Micro Four Thirds ‘model’ ever!


posted Friday, February 14, 2014 at 3:27 PM EDT


Tucked away in at the CP+ expo in Japan, camera blog DCWatch has revealed an incredibly small take on the OM-D E-M1—one you have to see to believe.

Unfortunately, this absolutely tiny little thing isn't actually a camera. Instead, it's a keychain version of everyone's favorite Micro Four Thirds camera. I know, I know, we wish it were real, too. It seems Olympus had the keychain E-M1 alongside an equally toy-like Stylus 1 at its booth at CP+. Apparently if you were carrying an Olympus camera, they would give you the E-M1 keychain, and if you downloaded the Olympus smartphone app, you'd get the Stylus 1 version.

Fret not, lovers of tchotchkes and doodads, you might yet be able to get hold of these. As 43 Rumors points out, you can pick up Olympus camera keychains pretty easily from eBay.

(via DCWatch 12)