MAGIX updates flagship Video Pro X software with more powerful interface, native 64-bit engine


posted Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 10:11 PM EDT


Six years after the company unveiled its enthusiast-grade non-linear video editing software, Video Pro X, German developer Magix Software GmbH has just taken the wraps off a major overhaul to the app. Magix Video Pro X6 is now a native 64-bit app, and so are its bundled plugins. It also debuts an overhauled, more customizable user interface with a variety of powerful new editing controls and features.

Perhaps the most important feature for enthusiast and pro video editing, where you may be assembling long clips from many sources at high resolution -- perhaps even 4K -- is the 64-bit support, though. This lets more than 4GB of memory to be addressed, allowing the app to take full advantage of your hardware, and to provide a more acceptable user experience. And it's not just the core app itself that's now 64-bit native -- so are the bundled plug-ins, proDAD Mercalli v2 (an automatic image stabilization plug-in) and Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks 1.4 (which provides a variety of preset cinema-like film looks).

Promo video for Magix Video Pro X6.

As mentioned, the new version also supports an overhauled user interface. As you'll see in the video above, window panes scale smoothly, allowing you to customize the layout to your tastes (and as makes sense to fit your content.) Magix has also reworked its size and positioning handles. There are a variety of new tools, including Vectorscope, Waveform Monitor, Histogram and RGB Parade that help you tweak color and luminance, avoiding jarring changes between clips. There's also a new HDR effect, and many effects and tools are GPU-optimized, allowing use even with ultra high-def 4K video.

Another particularly cool change is the ability to nest movie objects. You can, for example, assemble and tweak a series of clips, then import the final tweaked series as a single clip into a larger movie -- and it will then accept effects that can be applied to the whole integrated clip, not just its individual contents. Go back and change the original assembled product, and it updates in the movie it's included in automatically.


Magix has also added support for a variety of new camera models and formats. These include Ultra HD consumer cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and GoPro HERO3+,  enthusiast cameras such as the Black Magic series or Canon EOS models with Magic Lantern firmware, and pro devices such as the Canon EOS-1D and Sony F series.

Available immediately, Magix Video Pro X6 is priced at US$400. Existing MAGIX video app owners can upgrade for US$200 through February 21st. More details on the Magix website.