Nikon Middle East sends a D5300 skydiving with photographer Juan Mayer (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 1:03 PM EST


We already know the Nikon D5300 takes some impressive images—but how does it handle in a situation that's not so lab based? Like, say, jumping out of a plane? Nikon Middle East has teamed up with photographer Juan Mayer to outfit the skydiving photographer with the D5300 for a day of jumps.

Unfortunately, the video below is mostly fluff, and not nearly enough actual details of Mayer's jumps, how he shoots, and how the D5300 handled while hurtling in freefall from the side of a plane. But the entire clip was shot on a D5300, and Nikon does use it to show off some of the new features from the camera—such as Wi-Fi smartphone integration.

Mayer does also briefly talk about how tricky it is to shoot while skydiving, especially giving the difficulty of precisely adjusting himself, and how little time there is to get the shot. If he's trying to photograph a set of skydivers, he only has a few brief minutes while they're doing the routine to capture the images that he wants.

But, as you can tell from the video, it's obviously something that he really loves. And if he's happy to throw himself out of an airplane on a daily basis, all the more power to him.

(via ISO 1200)