#muttbombing brings adoptable pets to your selfie


posted Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 12:15 PM EST


In a move to try and get more people adopting rescue animals, Dallas Pets Alive has teamed up with ad agency Dieste to bring animals to your Instagram selfies. They've dubbed the movement #muttbombing, and they photoshop a dog that's up for adoption into people's selfies that they post online.

The images are going up on the Dallas Pets Alive Instagram feed. Some of the images are from famous people, others are from everyday folk—but all the animals that have been added are actually up for adoption. The image quality of the edits? It ranges from pretty good to not so much. But these mutts are all pretty adorable, and it acts as sort of a stealth advertising campaign. Maybe someone will see this who wouldn't otherwise look at a shelter dog, and fall in love with the animal in the picture.

It's an interesting concept, and one that is just tongue in cheek enough to work. Obviously these edits are being done without the permission of the original photographer, but at the same time, it's tremendously light-hearted, and for the very definition of a good cause. The big question is how well this whole shindig works—and if sticking a cute dog into the Instagram feed of a stranger really does anything to help bolster adoptions. But we hope it does.

(via Design Taxi, PSFK, FastCoCreate)