“The Image Story” takes you behind the scenes with dozens of different images and photographers


posted Friday, February 21, 2014 at 1:36 PM EST


Behind every image there is a story. Not just the the final product, once it's ready for everyone to see, but every step leading up to that point. The idea behind the image, where it was shot, why it was shot, the technical details of taking the photo, and editing it. All of those come together to create that final, perfect image. And a new website called the Image Story shows the behind the scenes for dozens of different photos, giving us an incredible look into what goes into each and every one.

Every image on the website is accompanied by an interview with the photographer, which is broken down into the background, the scene, gear, making the shot, editing and processing, looking back, advice, and inspiration. Alongside that you have some metadata about the image, including what gear and settings it was shot with, as well as where.

Because it's each photographer describing each shoot, a lot of their personalities come through in each story. Some give a lot of background, some dwell on technical details, some use far more poetic language. But each of them gives insight into why they took that shot, what worked and what didn't, and then looking back on it, what they learned. It's a fantastic behind the scenes from a huge variety of photographers, and endlessly interesting.