Julian Calverley’s “Treasured Cameras” shows classic hardware in beautiful detail


posted Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 1:28 PM EST


Julian Calverley is a London based photographer who recently turned his camera lens onto a very different subject—his own gear. In a series dubbed "Treasured Cameras", he's taken photos of his own cameras, moving them into the front of the lens, and showing off their gorgeous designs.

In an email, he told us that "the images were shot as part of a promo piece that I'm working on, and they form a sort of timeline. They are simply cameras that I have used (and some I still use regularly.. the Contax and and ALPA's) for my advertising and commercial work."

Each camera was photographed using a Contax 645 & IQ180 back, and then edited using an iPhone and Snapseed, before being uploaded to Calverley's Instagram feed. Unfortunately, him posting them to his feed with the hashtag #iphoneonly lead people to think he took the photos with his iPhone, which isn't the case. But the fact that he was able to edit them to look this good using Snapseed is mighty impressive.

Calverley posts some incredible landscapes to his Instagram feed, some of which he takes as behind the scenes shots, showing his camera in the environment that he's shooting, which are especially interesting.

But looking at this "Treasured Cameras" series, it just makes us want to take our old gear out of storage, give it a clean, and go shoot a few rolls of film.

All photos by Julian Calverley, used with permission.

ALPA SWA by Julian Calverley


Nikon F2A by Julian Calverley
Contax 645 by Julian Calverley
Ebony Ti SV45TE by Julian Calverley
ALPA STC by Julian Calverley
Nikon F3 by Julian Calverley