‘Legographer’ photo series explores Britain from the perspective of a LEGO photographer

by Felix Esser

posted Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 1:18 PM EDT

LEGO is fun. Not only for kids, but also for adults. The little bricks that come in so many colors, shapes and sizes are regularly used to create amazing stuff: recreations of actual locations or objects, stop motion videos, photography projects. One such project is called 'Legographer,' and it explores Britain from the perspective of a little LEGO photographer. For a whole year, its creator Andrew Whyte took images of his little photographer figurine on a daily basis. The result is a series of images that depict the little plastic photographer snapping away at various sites throughout Britain.

All images used in this article are copyright Andrew Whyte and used with permission.

Whyte, who makes a living with long exposure photography, sees the series as a means of telling the story of a character – in this case a little LEGO photographer figurine and his daily adventures. The series depicts the little plastic guy taking pictures in scenarios typical for a casual snapper: a sunset scene, on the street, during sightseeing, even at a wedding. But due to the low perspective that the pictures were taken at – a necessity in order to include both the LEGO photographer and his subject, the resulting images are anything but ordinary. Rather, they force the viewer to see things slightly differently, out of the ordinary.

'Customer is King (4 of 4)' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte

Though Whyte regularly uses professional Nikon equipment for his photography, he opted to go with his iPhone 4S for the Legographer series. As he explains to PetaPixel, the motivation behind this was that he wanted his equipment to be portable and allow for spontaneous shoots, which immediately ruled out his Nikon cameras. The added benefit of using an iPhone over a regular digital camera was the closer minimum focusing distance of the former, which allowed him to get close enough to the LEGO figurine so as to depict it in a way that made it look almost like a real human being. The only thing giving away its actual size is the strong background blur caused by the short distance to the subject.

'Against the elements' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte

The whole Legographer series can be seen over at Andrew Whyte's website, which also contains links to his other photographic projects. A selection of Whyte's work can also be admired on Flickr.

(via PetaPixel)

'Yes, really' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte
'Vantage Point' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte
'Shadow Hunter' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte
'Party Time' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte
'In Full Flow' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte
'Cherry poppin'' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte
'Bleak' from the series 'Legographer' by Andrew Whyte