Flash gets friendly as Bowens, PocketWizard, and Sekonic announce alliance


posted Friday, February 28, 2014 at 2:27 PM EDT


Three companies well known for their ventures into off-camera lighting have announced a new technological alliance that will see their gear communicate more effectively with one another. Bowens, PocketWizard, and Sekonic have announced what they're calling a "technology alliance" to allow for standardized wireless triggering between the brands. A press release explains:

Now most Bowens Gemini monolights will accept an optional PocketWizard module, which enables photographers to wirelessly trigger their flash with industry-standard, and widely used PocketWizard radios and Sekonic light meters.

Compatible components within the system are Bowens Gemini 500R, 500Pro, 750Pro, 1000Pro & 1500Pro series of monolights with PocketWizard module, all existing PocketWizard radio’s (sic) an (sic) today’s Sekonic L-478DR and L-758DR exposure meters. In addition, other (earlier) Sekonic meters can be used with an optional PocketWizard transmitter. All take advantage of PocketWizard 32 channels and 4-zone system.

This isn't entirely a new idea—PocketWizard has previously had a number of devices that worked with Sekonic gear, but the Bowen support does seem new. To commemorate the partnership, PocketWizard is producing a version of the Plus III Transceiver in “Bowens’ signature yellow”.

This news comes on the heels of worrying reports of PocketWizard facing difficult financial difficulties and low sales. Hopefully, by coming together with these other companies, PocketWizard can stay in the game that much longer.