Vanity Fair Instagram photo booth shows there’s still room for dedicated cameras at the Oscars


posted Monday, March 3, 2014 at 3:26 PM EDT


Most of the photography news surrounding this year's Oscars have been about Ellen's record breaking selfie, which was so popular that it briefly broke Twitter—and caused a minor kerfuffle when it came out that she was tweeting from a Samsung phone onstage, but an iPhone backstage. But even amidst all the attention on smartphone photography and selfies, it seems there's still plenty of room for more traditional photography at events like this—as evidenced by the Vanity Fair Instagram feed.

Vanity Fair teamed up with photographer Mark Seliger for an Instagram photo booth at this year's Oscars. But, even though the images went up on Instagram, we're pretty sure they weren't shot with smartphones. In fact, the image below of Seliger shooting LL Cool J shows a much larger camera, and some pretty impressive lighting being used. In fact, it looks like it might even be medium format. We'd hazard a guess that the images from this camera are then being fed to a smartphone, and then maybe edited and cropped in said phone before being uploaded to Instagram—but we're not really sure.

But the quality difference from the posed shots to the behind the scenes versions really shows just how much of a difference a real camera can make—even after being Instagram filtered.

(via Gawker, Jezebel)