Form before function: Hello Kitty becomes a Playboy Bunny on this Leica C


posted Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 3:42 PM EDT


In a collaboration that's bound to make you question your grasp on reality, famed kid-friendly Japanese icon Hello Kitty and French clothing store Colette have teamed up with literary powerhouse and nudity purveyor Playboy for the Hello Kitty x Playboy collection. And yes, there's a limited edition Leica involved, too.

Apparently, this coincides with the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, and the 60th anniversary of Playboy—and let's not forget, the 100th anniversary of Leica. The whole Hello Kitty x Playboy collection contains a number of bizarre and interesting products: dice, cards, candy, paper cupcakes, lighters, speakers, socks, and more. But by far the most impressive of the lot is the limited edition LEICA X HELLO KITTY X PLAYBOY Leica C. Only 10 of these cameras will be made, and they feature Hello Kitty, wearing bunny ears, taking a photo on the front of the body.

In all honesty, this is probably one of the most affordable Leica limited editions we've ever seen, which is to say it's only vaguely horrifically overpriced, with a sticker of 920€ ($1,264USD). Considering that a normal Leica C goes for $700, that's not a bad markup compared to some we've seen. But you could also get the Panasonic LF1 that it's based on for $300, if you don't think a red dot and a Hello Kitty logo are worth $900.

(via io9)