MindShift Gear unveils lightweight camera rain cover, case just for your filters


posted Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 2:28 PM EDT


When it comes to photography accessories, people who shoot with a lot of filters (like, actual filters, not ones they add using Instagram) don't get a lot of attention. But MindShift Gear has now announced the Filter Hive, a carrying case specially designed for holding all your fancy filters, alongside the UltraLight Camera Cover, a raincoat for your camera.

The UltraLight Camera Cover comes in three sizes, and either black or blue, depending on your preference. The sizes range from the $29.99 smallest "Size 10" version, which is big enough for a small DSLR and a prime lens or small zoom. The Size 20 and Size 30 will both take larger cameras, even up to the size of a 1DX or D4, with the largest able to account for large zoom lenses. Those will set you back $34.99 and $39.99 respectively. Each is a lightweight, waterproof cover for your camera that will also provide some measure of protection against minor scrapes and troubles.


The Filter Hive is a $54.99 padded container with an accordion insert, designed specifically for taking all of your filters. With each division affording padded and plush protection, it should leave all of your precious glass and resin filters fully protected. According to MindShift, it can hold up to "six flat graduated neutral density filters up to 4x6” (100x150 mm) and six round filters up to 82mm diameter, including the thick 1.5 cm variable neutral density filters." The Filter Hive is also designed to attach to a belt, other camera bags, or even hang on the side of a tripod for easy access.

According to this early prototype review, unlike other ways of storing your filters, the Filter Hive is unique in that it stores both round and rectangular filters, as well as accessories, and is organized to make them easier to sort and find. So if you're someone who takes gradiated, ND, and all manner of of other filter in all size and shape with them while shooting, the Filter Hive might work for you as a way to keep all that organized.

(via ePhotoZine)