500px Prime goes live, $250 for unlimited photo licensing, photographers get 70%


posted Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 12:56 PM EST


A month ago, 500px first announced 500px Prime, a move to push the popular photography site into licensing images for outside use. However, the announcement quickly drew significant ire due to the fact that it only offered photographers a 30% cut of the sale. Now Prime has gone live, and 500px has reversed the payment, offering the original artist 70% of the cut instead. But is 70% of $250 enough to give away all rights to your images forever?

Another part of the original announcement was that prices would start at $250. Now, with the details a bit more set in stone we know that the price to license a photo will be a flat fee of $250, and that's a royalty free, worldwide, flat rate, for unlimited use, in any and all media. Forever.

While the shift to a 70% rather than 30% cut for photographers is a fantastic move, that we're happy to see 500px make, we do wonder if the unlimited license will give some photographers cause to hesitate. Are the permanent rights to one of your images, on the web and in print, worth $175? That's certainly more than you're likely to see out of most stock photography sites—but does make it harder for photographers trying to sell their content under slightly more controlled licenses.

What do you say? Is $175 enough to pay for an unlimited license for one of your photos?

(via Reddit)