Canon recalls 14,000 SX50 cameras due to allergic reactions to viewfinder


posted Friday, March 7, 2014 at 1:07 PM EST


Late last year, Canon issued a product advisory for the SX50, citing that a number of units had problems with the rubber around the viewfinder discoloring, and potentially causing discomfort. Now Canon has announced an official recall for the camera, asking users to send in some 14,000 units, after some users suffered allergic reactions from the rubber around the viewfinder.

Some of you may recall that Canon had a similar problem with the Canon T4i, recalling a significant number of units from that SLR line. It appears that the SX50 is struck by the same issue, but this time it's confined to cameras produced between September 1 to November 15, 2013. Canon has updated the product advisory to the SX50, expanding the range of serial numbers of the effected units. Previously, those that began with the number 69 were thought to be at fault, but now it includes those that are in the 70 and 71 range are also being recalled.

An official announcement has come through the CPSC about the recall saying that cameras bought between October 2103 and January 2014 are most likely to be at fault, and that "Canon has received one report of itching and two reports of eye redness and pain."

To check if your camera is one of the ones recalled, see if it has "serial numbers beginning with “69”, “70” or “71” and have “1” as the sixth digit of the serial number", and if so, contact Canon to get the camera fixed.