Sony A7 Review: Shooter’s Report—Will Sony’s affordable full-frame mirrorless start a revolution?


posted Friday, March 7, 2014 at 1:01 PM EDT


The era of the full-frame mirrorless camera is here, thanks to the Sony A7 compact system camera, as well as its sibling the Sony A7R. The two are extremely closely-related, differing largely in their sensor resolution and autofocus method. We reviewed the A7R recently; now we turn our attention to its more affordable twin.

When we looked at the higher-res Sony A7R, we judged it worthy of a Dave's Pick, despite a few reservations about its performance -- and especially its contrast-detection autofocus system. The Sony A7 uses a hybrid autofocus system that works from on-sensor phase detection pixels, as well as contrast-detection when needed. The result is quite a bit snappier autofocusing, and although the sensor also has lower resolution than that in the A7R, it also means the Sony A7 provides greater burst performance as well.

But what would we think of the Sony A7 after spending some time with it in the field? Read the Shooter's Report that we've just added to our Sony A7 review, and see what we think of the most affordable full-frame mirrorless camera on the market!