Instagrammer makes $15,000 selling prints in just 24 hours


posted Monday, March 10, 2014 at 11:52 AM EST


In terms of Instagram fame, prolific street photographer Daniel Arnold is probably one of the most well known. Lauded as one of the best photographers on the service his intense and varied street photography has won him legions of fans. Fans that he's managed to turn into a credible source of income, selling $15,000 in prints in just 24 hours.

On the eve of his 34th birthday, and finding himself low on funds, Arnold posted this message to Instagram (since removed):

Hello, I just turned 34 this second. For one day only I am selling 4×6 prints of whatever you want from my Instagram archive for $150 each. I swear I will never sell anything this cheap again. If you’re interested, send a screenshot of the photo(s) of your choice to [email protected] (one d) and I will send a paypal invoice, followed by a signed print. Easy peasy. Happy my birthday. I love you

Within 24 hours, he had $15,000 in orders (so around 100), and had already collected some $5,000 in payment. One person even offered him $1,000 for any prints of images that received more than 1,000 likes.

The sale was only meant to last for those 24 hours, but when talking to Forbes, Arnold confessed that the huge backlog of orders that he's working through has meant that he hasn't quite decided when the end of the sale actually happened.

Arnold is obviously a rarity in being able to sell Instagram prints this quickly and with a relatively high sticker price. With more than 30,000 followers, it only takes him a couple of hundred willing to pay for prints, and he's got his rent sorted for the year.

But if nothing else, this story does show that someone can make a living solely based on their work on Instagram, which is a pretty impressive feat.

(via FStoppers)