Ultra-high def Panasonic GH4 ships this May at a price enthusiasts can justify


posted Monday, March 10, 2014 at 12:45 PM EDT


Early last month, Panasonic thrilled 4K fans and professional videographers alike, with the announcement of its upcoming Panasonic GH4 mirrorless camera. The GH4 doesn't just build on the pedigree of Panasonic's earlier GH-series models, which have already been well-received by pros -- it takes things to a new level, with an even tighter focus on its video capabilities. (And its still imaging chops have gotten a boost, too.) But one crucial detail was missing when the camera was announced: Until now, we had no idea as to when it would reach market, and at what price.

Today, Panasonic has revealed pricing and availability for its new mirrorless video flagship, as well as the interesting interface unit accessory it will offer alongside the camera. And there's good news -- the Panasonic GH4's list price puts it within reach of enthusiasts, not just the pros. Shipping from the start of May 2014 in the US market, the GH4 is priced at around US$1,700 body-only.

The DMW-YAGH Interface Unit, which adds 4K HD-SDI output with timecode, XLR audio, and DC power, as well as a stereo levels display and physical levels controls, comes in with a rather eyewatering pricetag, although that's not too surprising given what a specialized accessory this is. Pricing for the interface unit is set at US$2,000, a little more than the camera body itself. Alternatively, a kit bundling camera and interface unit together ships for US$3,300, making the effective cost of the addon around US$1,600.

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