Fujifilm XQ1 - First shots posted


posted Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 4:32 PM EDT


Fuji's 2/3" sensor is relatively large for a compact camera, and yet, the Fujifilm XQ1 is "the most portable X-series camera ever developed" according to Fuji. We were wowed enough with the clever and cool little XF1 that we awarded it a Camera of Distinction in our pocket camera category last year, so we were naturally eager to get our hands on Fuji's latest entry in the pocket category and get it into our lab for testing.

For anyone interested in how this little guy stacks up, we've just posted our lab First Shots, which allow you to take a closer look and, just as importantly, use them to compare the XQ1 to any other camera we've ever tested in our Comparometer.

How does it stack up against Fuji's own XF1? Or how about the Canon S120, the Panasonic LF1 or the Sony RX100 II? The Comparometer is your best bet for solving these and any other questions you may have for image quality comparisons all the way up the ISO scale.

To prime your interest, here's a comparison crop from the Comparometer showing the XF1 on the left and the XQ1 on the right, zoomed in to 100% on a detailed area of our Still Life test target at ISO 100. The XQ1 sports Fuji''s award-winning X-trans sensor technology, while the XF1 doesn't, making the comparisons all the more interesting. Of course, the sensor isn't the only determinant to overall image quality, as the lens, processor and default settings contribute much to the puzzle as well.


The Comparometer uses straight-from-the-camera JPEGs at default noise reduction settings to give you the most objective and standardized view from camera to camera, but you can also access many of the raw files from the samples page as well for any of these cameras. Feel free to download these for your own testing and comparison purposes (but no commercial use please without our written consent).