Want to improve your flash photography while suspended from a sheer a cliff? Check out Nikon’s new tutorial series.


posted Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 3:33 PM EDT

In order to celebrate the launch of their new Google+ profile, Nikon introduced 'Nikon Behind the Scenes,' a 15-video photography tutorial series. The tutorials cover a pretty broad range of photo techniques: photojournalist and editorial photographer Joe McNally will present a series of tutorials on lighting techniques, from beginner to advanced; adventure photographer Corey Rich will present extreme action, outdoor shooting and video tutorials; and portrait shooter Tamara Lackey will present a series on portrait and family photography: children and pets included.

We don't know how much mixing there will be between these categories, but we couldn't resist imagining a video about off-camera lighting for an extreme sports shoot, or a romantic portrait shoot on the side of a cliff. 

The first video starts off fairly basic, but it would cover all the basics if we were totally new to reading light. As you can expect from the name 'Joe McNally,' the shots are beautiful:

Image © Joe McNally.

Check out the 'Reading Light' tutorial here:

The first video in Nikon's 'Behind the Scenes' series

And here's the schedule for the rest of the videos in the series:

Launch Date

Video Segment

Pro Photographer

Tuesday, March 11

Nikon BTS: Reading Light

Joe McNally

Thursday, March 20

Nikon BTS: Golden Hour Expedition

Corey Rich

Tuesday, April 1

Nikon BTS: Photos with the Family and Pets

Tamara Lackey

Monday, April 14

Nikon BTS: Small Lighting, Big Results

Joe McNally

Thursday, April 24

Nikon BTS: Extreme Action Shooting

Corey Rich

Monday, May 5

Nikon BTS: Capturing an Authentic Smile

Tamara Lackey

Thursday, May 15

Nikon BTS: Using Light to Tell a Story

Joe McNally

Monday, May 26

Nikon BTS: Packing for an Outdoor Shoot

Corey Rich

Thursday, June 5

Nikon BTS: Romantic Portraits

Tamara Lackey

Monday, June 16

Nikon BTS: Dramatic Portrait Lighting

Joe McNally

Thursday, June 26

Nikon BTS: Starry Night Time-Lapse

Corey Rich

Monday, June 30

Nikon BTS: Little Kids, Big Personalities

Tamara Lackey

Thursday, July 10

Nikon BTS: Advanced lighting

Joe McNally

Monday, July 21

Nikon BTS: Action with Video

Corey Rich

Thursday, July 31

Nikon BTS: Lenses for Great Portraits

Tamara Lackey