Photographer Joey L launches his own learning site


posted Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 1:43 PM EDT


Photographer Joey L has long made a name for himself with his dramatically lit photography style. Late last year he turned his skills into a more educational direction, and has launched a site called Learn from Joey L where he offers his expertise in posing, lighting, and retouching in a series of tutorial videos.

The first of these, Beyond: Varanasi India is a free, 42 minute video following Joey and his assistant on shoot in India–though it's light on technical information. The rest of the current crop of videos are more specifically useful, and have prices ranging from $25-$30 for each lesson. They cover a magazine photoshoot (warning, some nudity there), using a single strobe while shooting in sunlight, production and lighting on an advertising campaign, cinematic coloring, and beauty retouching.

What's interesting is that in a number of these, Joey L uses miniatures and models to create his lighting setups on a small scale. This way he can accurately get a feel for how the objects and light interact in three dimensional space.

The low cost of each individual lesson, and the a la cart options means that you can a single video a try, and see if his style is right for you.

(via FStoppers)