VSCO announces $100,000 in scholarships in the VSCO Initiative project


posted Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 12:53 PM EDT


Between the VSCO presets and VSCO Cam, the Visual Supply Company (VSCO) is rapidly becoming a firm favorite for photographers, both traditional and smartphone. Now the company is taking its connection to the arts in a very new direction, offering up $100,000 in scholarships through a program called VSCO Initiative.

The requirements to apply for the fund are surprisingly broad—it's not even limited to photography. You do need to have a VSCO Grid already set up, but other than that, the program is looking for applications were:

  1. The project has the potential for positive social and artistic impact.
  2. The project is unique and interesting.
  3. The budget is reasonable.
  4. The applicant displays passion, initiative and creativity.

Those who gain these scholarships will be required to document their progress on VSCO Grid, but can be based in any medium. The artists will retain rights to the works, and will need to:

Selected artists who choose to take part in the Initiative will be required to post images of the project on their VSCO Grid, supply content to be featured on the VSCO Journal, and collaborate with the VSCO team to create books, exhibitions or other various goods or projects.

The final results will also be sold through the VSCO Store and physical gallery exhibits, with profits partly going to the artist, and partly being re-invested in the fund—though at this point, we don't know what the split will be.

Six artists have already been awarded scholarships through the program, but it is also now open to anyone who wants to apply.