“Collection Appareils” is a love letter and reference guide for beautiful old cameras


posted Friday, March 14, 2014 at 12:51 PM EDT


Collection Appareils is a French site (though with an English version) that serves as an absolutely stunning reference guide to dozens and dozens of rare, vintage, and wonderful cameras. Some of them are famous models that everyone will have heard of, but others are hyper obscure and wonderful rarities.

So while you might be able to find Leicas in the catalog very easily, where else would you find out about the French Le Redoute or the American Lure? The English version of the site is lacking some of the information of the native French version, but Google Translate helps an awful lot with that. And if you think Pentax's frequent bizarre coloring schemes are out there, you should see some of what's in the Collection's archives!

If you've ever wanted to just lose a couple of hours nosing around gorgeous old cameras, their packaging and manuals, and even images taken with them Collection Appareils is a fantastic resource. Combine it with a bit of time spent on Camerapedia, and you'll be an expert on vintage gear in no time. So, who wants to go rummaging around some thrift stores and see what we can dig up?

(via DesignTaxi, Messy Nessy Chic)