The search for the United Kingdom’s worst holiday photography


posted Friday, March 14, 2014 at 11:40 AM EDT

Definitely a terrible photo.

Who hasn’t taken a bad photo while on vacation? We all have at one time or another. And who hasn't looked at one of those awful photos and thought, 'This is so bad it should win a prize.' Now your loser photo can be a winner, thanks to the travel savvy — though not photo smart — folks at the


Janeen Shears, Holiday Editor for had this to say:

 I must admit that my photography skills are not the best, in fact my 9 year old often takes a better photo than I do! With this in mind we decided to have a competition to find the UK's worst holiday photographer and give the winner a new camera to hopefully help develop their photography skills.

Also terrible.

That's right, the website will crown someone’s very worst photo as the best worst photo of the year. The winning worst photo photographer will receive a bespoke, elegant White Samsung WB250F Smart camera with built-in Wi-Fi and 18x optical ooom. Described in the contest press release as a camera that, "...has everything you’ll need to help you create great images." In other words, this camera is so smart it might just end the bad photo career of its winner.

I think there's a subject there... Eminently forgettable.

Sadly, the contest is restricted to residents of the UK who are over 18. Bad photos must be submitted to CheapHolidayLand at [email protected] by 4 PM GMT on May 30th, 2014. You will need to include in the email your name, address and telephone number; the location and date of the shot; and a brief description of how you got such a terrible photo.

It's a ... dilapidated structure?

Ms. Shears urges all would-be entrants to carefully read the fine print provided on the contest page before submitting their worst photo, because the winning photo will be featured (mocked?) in CheapHolidayLand newsletters and promotions. 

So if you are a resident of the UK and have some really bad photos, this competition is for you. The rest of us we will just have to wait until some international travel agency takes the baton from CheapHolidayLand and launches a global Worst Holiday Photo contest.

Like the child this photo was intended to capture, a global Worst Photo Contest is missing in action...