DIY: motorize your slider on the cheap (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 1:21 PM EST


If this tutorial from earlier this week sparked a desire in you to get into timelapse photography, one of the things that may be on your shopping list is a variable speed motorized slider. These allow you to add motion in your timelapse—which is sometimes called a hyperlapse—by very slowly moving the camera while shooting. But, with stiff price tags, it might be easier to go a DIY route, rather than buy one new. Thankfully, Angus Stewart Kennedy has put together an excellent tutorial on how to add motion to a slider, for just $55AUD.

To be clear, you already need to have a slider to work with on this, and they're not free. Kennedy uses a Konova 80cm model, which has a street price of around $350. After that, though, it's a matter of cobbling together a bunch of different off the shelf parts into a motorized pull that will move your interval shooting camera slowly and smoothly.

The most basic version of the build set Kennedy back around $55, but there's also a more advanced option for around $85AUD, which includes a faster speed option, as well as USB power for extra devices. He also claims that you can do the build in about an hour, and none of the parts should be difficult to get hold of. So if you're handy with tools and want to give it a shot, have a watch of the video below, and see if you're up for the challenge!

(via ISO1200)